Your Emotions are Messengers

Your emotions are messengers. ​

They exist for a reason. They're not just random. ​

If you listen, they are always telling you what's really wrong. They are always showing you the path back to yourself. ​

They start as nudges or flashes. ​

If you don't heed them, they move on to more elaborate means of getting your attention. ​

Up to and including total meltdowns.​

But they don't give up. Ever. ​

The degree to which you listen to them directly correlates to the degree of peace you feel in your life. ​

The degree to which you ignore them directly correlates to the degree of discord you feel in your life. ​

How do you listen to them? ​

It's a process. ​

First, you must be self-aware enough to stop yourself when the emotion surfaces. ​

Second, you must separate yourself from the subjectivity of the emotion. Become the observer. Acknowledge the emotion without feeling it. ​ ​

Third, you must follow the path of the emotion down into your subconscious. It's there you'll find the root of it. ​

That root can be several things. ​

It could be an old hurt you need to release. ​

It could be a lesson you need to learn. ​

It could be a warning you need to heed. ​

But the sooner you start examining

your recurring emotions, the sooner you'll start to build a more peaceful and authentic life. ​

And if not that, what's the point of anything?

Sending you all so much love.

❤️ Alissa

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