Why Self-Awareness Comes First

I love mindset work. ​

It's affirming. It's expansive. It feels good. ​

That's why people work with mindset coaches. The dopamine rush is awesome. And a lot of people get great results. ​

But some don't. Or they have to continually revisit mindset coaching. ​

There's a reason for this. ​

It feels like a dirty little secret, to tell you the truth. ​

And that's because there's a step missing. ​

That step is becoming self-aware.​

What does that mean?​

It means gaining a clear and objective view of the stories and lies you tell yourself. ​

It means understanding how you have sabotaged yourself.​

It means realizing that there's a pretty damn big gap between what you say you want and your actions. ​ ​

And I'll tell you this: If you don't address how you hold yourself back from the life you say you want, you'll never truly move forward. ​

It's really as simple as that. ​

So, why does no one address this?​

Honestly? Because not everyone is capable of the level of raw honesty that fixing your self-awareness requires. ​

It is really hard. And it hurts. ​

When done correctly, fixing your self-awareness will drop you to your knees. ​

it'll turn you into a puddle of tears and snot. ​

And make you feel like crap. ​

That's a tough sell. ​

Who would willingly volunteer for that? ​

No one. But everyone needs it. ​

I've done it. I hated it. ​

But I am incredibly grateful for it. ​

I see my patterns. I hear the stories I tell myself when I don't want to do something or things don't go as planned.​

Even now, years later, I'm still having Aha moments. ​

This is how I think of it: ​

Self-awareness work is like packing for a move. ​

Going through the things that still serve you to bring them along. ​

Getting rid of the things that don't so they don't weigh you down. ​

Many people fear giving up that weight. It's known. It's comfortable. ​

They don't know what they'll fill the gap with. ​

Trust me when I tell you that once it's gone, you'll feel emboldened and triumphant. ​

You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. ​

What's weighing you down? I'd love to know. ​

Sending you all so much love.

So, whaddya think?

If this post resonated with your or made you feel something, please let me know. Your comments mean so much to me and who knows, it might be exactly what someone else needs to hear!

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