What To Do When You Just Can't Focus

I'm having a really hard time with today's post.

They usually tumble right out.

But I have started and stopped at least three times and I still can't get my thoughts straight.

Or focus on one topic.

Every day, I try to share a life lesson or some wisdom. Today, I can't quite figure out what that is.

And maybe that's the point.

There are days that we're just not "on".

Our brains are moving a little more slowly. Our thoughts a bit more scattered.

And it's okay.

Maybe your brain is clearing energy for something really important.

Or maybe you're just overloaded and need a break.

Either way, it's okay.

What's not okay is beating yourself up or berating yourself. That gets you nowhere and solves nothing.

And plus, it's just plain mean. Why would you do that?

Instead. be gentle and kind with yourself. That's what I'm going to do.

It's going to be a gorgeous day today here in Asheville. I think I'm going to get outside and absorb the energy of the natural world.

And be back tomorrow, with some new wisdom to share.

Sending you all so much love.

❤️ Alissa

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