What is Self-Awareness, Exactly?

Literally, awareness of self. ​

Well, gee, thanks, Alissa. That’s about as clear as mud. ​

I know, I'm sorry. ​

Simply, self-awareness is just understanding yourself on a really deep level. (and you guys know I’m all about that.)​

It’s recognizing your hopes, your dreams, your fears, your desires, your motivations. ​

And that’s kind of the easy part. ​

Because we usually have some conscious idea of what these things are. It may take a bit of thought to uncover them, but we’re at least dimly aware of their existence. ​

It gets a lot harder when you get to things like understanding your habits, your defense mechanisms, your coping strategies, and your idiosyncrasies. ​

Many of us go through life with blinders on when it comes to these things. We simply have no clue what they are or even that they exist. ​

For instance, do you twirl your hair or chew the inside of your cheek when you are thinking hard about something? ​

Do you cross your arms in front of you when someone says something you don’t like?​

Do you get sarcastic when someone offers constructive or gentle criticism?​

Do you overeat when you’re anxious? ​

Ahhh... I see a few lightbulbs turning on. ;)​

Here’s another thing self-awareness means. ​

Understanding your own character. Whether you’re a good person or not. Whether you take shortcuts. Whether you’d rather be kind or right. Whether you have integrity, ​

Being aware of your automatic responses is challenging. These things are so ingrained in us. ​

Being aware of your character can be downright terrifying. ​

So, why bother with all of this crap? What difference does it make? ​

Let me tell you what. It makes a HELL of a difference. ​

Once you become self-aware, you become the director of your life, instead of just a marionette, letting your unconscious pull your strings. ​

Trust me when I tell you your life improves a thousand-fold in every way when you gain self-awareness. ​

It’s an incredible awakening. ​

You begin to choose your thoughts and emotions, instead of letting them run roughshod over you. ​

And they’ve done that, haven’t they?​

How long have you been trying to lose weight?​

How long have you hated your job?​

How many relationships have you been in?​

How long have you felt stuck in your life, but you don’t know how to get unstuck?​

Changing all of these things, and so many more starts with gaining self-awareness. ​

So, how do you become self-aware? ​

Let me tell you this first. It ain’t for the faint of heart. ​

Are you ready?​

The first step in self-awareness is becoming an observer of your thoughts instead of a participator. ​ I think of it like putting up a plexiglass shield between yourself and your thoughts. ​

It’s a woo-woo concept, I know. But it’s the best way to conceptualize it. ​

You’re standing there silently observing as your thoughts and feelings are passing in front of you. ​

You start to think of them as tangible things outside yourself. This will help you to get to know your triggers, your automatic responses, and your long-ingrained patterns.​

Yeah, it’s challenging. And it takes practice. ​ ​

If you’re not committed to making some changes in your life, or if you’re too invested in the stories and lies you tell yourself, you won’t be able to push through this. ​

But if you are ready and you do push through, you will have a whole new understanding of yourself and what’s possible for you in the future to look forward to. ​

And doesn’t that sound like a good thing?​

I'd love to know your thoughts! ​

Sending you all so much love.

❤️ Alissa

So, whaddya think?

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