What Do You Deserve? No, Really.

What do you believe you deserve?​

I believe you deserve everything you hope and dream for. ​

With one MAJOR caveat.​

You have to work for it. ​

I’ve never really understood people that think their existence automatically means they deserve everything they want. ​

What is the value of anything but the exchange of effort it requires to obtain it?​

This is my thought process. ​

Action breeds outcomes.​

Inaction breeds lethargy, apathy, and dependence. ​

You cannot change your circumstances until and unless you take action.​

You’ll never get the good job, the fancy car, the beautiful clothes, the nice home until you make an effort and take the action required. ​

That might mean updating your resume and polishing your interview skills. ​

It might mean studying for a driver’s license and then making the appointment to take the test. ​

It might mean getting a job. ​

It almost certainly means letting go of your limiting belief systems. ​

You know, the thought that the things you yearn for are only for “other people”. ​

People who have something you don’t.​

Well, let me tell you. There’s not a shred of difference between you and them. ​

There just isn’t. ​

Except for one thing. They’re taking action. ​

Newsflash: You can, too. ​

You have the power to make your life anything you want it to be. ​

Expand your belief system.​

Take action. Become deserving of the gifts you seek. ​

Be patient (this is the hard, but unavoidable, part). ​

Receive them with gratitude. ​

Rinse and repeat over and over until your life looks exactly like your dreams. ​

Do you agree?

Sending you all so much love.

❤️ Alissa

So, whaddya think?

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