The Lies People Tell Themselves

I HATE excuses. ​

Everything in life is a choice. Everything. ​

Until and unless we accept 100% responsibility for our thoughts, actions, mistakes, missteps, literally everything we do and say, we will never become self-aware.​

It's really as simple as that. ​

When you make excuses or offer justifications for the bad situations in your life instead of doing the work to either fix or eliminate them, you're saying one of four things: ​

1. I cultivate drama because it gets me attention and sympathy. ​ ​

2. I just don't want to do the hard inner work to cultivate a better life. This way is easier. ​

3. I feel defeated. I am so far down the rabbit hole, I can't see daylight anymore. ​

4. I'm afraid to change. As uncomfortable as this may be, it's more comfortable than the unknown of change. ​

As long as there's still some payoff from the behavior, you will keep doing it. ​ ​

it's only when the psychic pain that the behavior causes becomes greater than the payoff that change will occur. ​

I've seen people put up with almost intolerable ​

circumstances because they were either too terrified to make a change or still getting a significant payoff from their behavior. ​

This makes me so sad. ​

Because what people don't understand is the incredible freedom and power that self-awareness offers you.​

There's a huge positive flip side to accepting responsibility for your thoughts, your actions, and your life. ​

You get to choose them. ​

You're not a victim anymore. ​

You're in control of. your life.​

You write your life story instead of giving someone or something else the power to write it for you. ​

Isn't that worth some temporary discomfort?​

What do you think? Curious to hear your thoughts. ​

Sending you all so much love.

❤️ Alissa

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