I'm Not Lost...I'm on an Adventure!

Mindset is everything. ​

My husband and I moved to Asheville, NC after spending nearly 20 years on the coast of Georgia. ​

We knew every street, every intersection, every back road. ​We could easily play the, "Remember when (fill in the blank store) was (fill in the blank other store)?"​

Oh, how life has changed. ​

We're in the early stages of learning our way around. We can usually get home without too much challenge. ​

For the first month, we were clueless. ​

Every time we ventured out of our house, we got lost. ​

But we decided something very early on. ​

We weren't "getting lost", we were "going on adventures".​

We specifically and deliberately chose a different way of looking at it. ​

Because what happens when you get lost?​

You get angry. You get frustrated. You berate yourself. ​

What happens when you go on adventures?​

It's exciting. You notice everything. You stay calm. Most importantly, you maintain your sense of humor. ​

That one mindset shift has reaped huge rewards for us. We come home laughing now, instead of cursing. ​

And all we did was make a decision to reframe a thought pattern. ​

Moving to Asheville has been a grand adventure in every way. ​

Even when it takes us nearly an hour to find the grocery store that's just 3 miles away. ​

Sending you all so much love. ​

❤️ Alissa

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