I'm Grateful for my Thin Skin

This might sound weird, but I'm grateful for what some would call my "thin skin".

I call it my empathy, my compassion, and the wisdom of my old soul.

Some would say that's a weakness. I say it's my greatest strength.

This thin skin allows me to experience life in its rich, full, vibrant depth.

And it allows me to understand people in a deep, visceral way.

I hear the words you don't speak and I hear the emotions in your silences.

I see beneath your surface, to the true humanity within you.

I feel the depth of your joy and your sorrow.

I understand your thoughts when words fail you.

When others step back from your raw emotions, I step forward.

How can my ability to truly connect with others be anything other than the greatest of gifts?

What are you grateful for today, my friends? Hit reply and let me know.

Sending you all so much love,

❤️ Alissa

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