Hi. I'm Alissa. 

I’m not a coach. 


I’m not here to sell you a 12-week “transformation” program. 


I’m here to challenge you.


Just because I think we all need and deserve it. 


I’m gonna ask you to rethink all the stories and lies you tell yourself about why you’re not good enough, talented enough, smart enough, stylish enough, anything enough to have whatever the fuck you want. 


It’s all bullshit. 


And I know this because I used to believe all the same stories. 


But I don’t anymore. And my life is infinitely more peaceful.


This site is dedicated to sharing my journey from angry, bitter, jealous, hypervigilant bitch to nearly a normal person. 😉


I try to do it with humor and levity, but this shit definitely gets heavy. 


I love to tell my stories, my epiphanies, my Aha moments and learn about yours, too.


Maybe we can all learn a little something from each other. 


So, whaddya say? You in? Sign up over on the side there to get notified every time a new post drops. 


And hey, keep the conversation going - drop a comment when you feel led to. 


Sending you so much love. 

❤️  Alissa

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